Executive Records was started in 2003 by Ben (DJ Haze) and had their first release in 2004 with a freeform number called "Executive" by Haze & The Acolyte. The song did quite well and gained a lot of interest in the UK. The label at this time wanted to explore the cheesier side of hardcore as well, in addition to both freeform and hardcore tracks in its first three releases.

Later in 2005 the label had its first massive hit with the anthem, "Sweet Release" by Antix & Tom-E. It sold over 2,000 units in the UK and was played on Radio 1. It was also licensed to Bit Music for a release in Spain. Subsequently over the years the label has focused more on the energetic side to hardcore but still has an open mind for all genres of music. It released vinyl up until 2010 but now focuses purely on the digital end.

Originally a label focusing on Australian hardcore, Executive has grown to cater for artists around the world including America and the UK. Executive Records main artists include Haze, S3RL, Weaver, JTS, Skeets, SPIT, Fracus, Impact, Joey Riot, Darwin, Jerv, Sc@r + more! This has lead to a mix-up of Hardcore, Freeform and even Gabber with big hits recently such as the Skeets remix of "True Feelings" and "Street Fighter" by Haze & S3RL.

Executive Records still runs its digital label that was setup in 2005 to cater for the overwhelming amount of unreleased tracks. It had huge success with the popular S3RL EPs. Our label has had major support from DJs around the world and has been featured on radio stations, countless magazines and CD compilations. Recently in 2011, Executive Records along with its sister label "Recycled Records" moved its entire back catalog to the iTunes market.

Expect plenty of amazing tracks from Executive Records in the future!

Artists who have been featured on the label:
Dover, Antix, Haztix, Tom-E, Destiny, Zander, Suae, Reazn, Resist, Andy L, Gemini, Implex, Nex Level, T.C., Shox, Oli G, ElectriX, The Acolyte, Influx, Makio, Auscore, Luminate, Whiskey, Danny Coggin, Rising Star, Darren Hotchkiss, Analog, Andy Dee, Essi, Douglas, Damaged + more!



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