Ben Hayes started DJing in 1997, producing in early 2003 and has had the opportunity to play at parties such as Utopia, Godspeed, Bass Control, Subcore, Prophecy, Masif Hardcore, Fantasia, Hardwars, Hyperspeed, Adventjah (QLD), Transmission and Helter Skelter. [read more]


At the tender age of sixteen, JTS (James T Stanhope) discovered his love for Hardcore. This progressed into the purchasing of his first set of turntables. Learning to spin vinyl, mixing some great mixes just wasn't enough for this young Aussie. So his next... [read more]


DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since the year 2000. Discovering PlayStation's "Music 2000" he taught himself how to write music and then eventually upgraded to Reason on PC and still uses that today. Before all of that... [read more]


Beginning to DJ in 2003, Zander has crafted his energetic sound with tight mixing, to whip up sets that are filled with the freshest hardcore that the UK & Australia has to offer. The passion to seamlessly mix and "drop the bomb" has granted him the opportunity to work... [read more]


Residing in Sydney, Australia, Weaver has been producing Hardcore for well over 10 years and is a regular DJ at most parties in Sydney. He has also played inter-state within Australia and internationally having played sets in New Zealand and England. Biggest tracks... [read more]


Bryce Dart aka DJ Analog is fast becoming a new favourite in the Australian UK Hardcore scene. With his first big appearance in 2009 at Utopia in Sydney Bryce has continued to appear all over Australia. Deciding in 2007 that just listening to the music... [read more]


Jamie Dudlee's journey into music production started in 2002 when a friend gave him an old Roland MC-505 groovebox. Inspired by Luke Vibert, Boards of Canada, and Squarepusher, he used the all-in-one production station to make an 8 track demo... [read more]




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